Next Generation of Sustainable Mobility.

Today, we are on the cusp of a comparable transformation for cities called New Mobility. Accelerated by the emergence of new fuel and vehicle technologies; new information technologies. Flexible and differentiated transportation modes, services, and products.

The factors described have created not only compelling challenges for engineering, but also opportunities for social and business innovation. New Mobility solution building is supported by new ways of thinking about sustainable urban transportation.

New Mobility has the potential to revitalize cities and economies worldwide and can open up a wealth of engineering and business opportunities. But obstacles will have to be overcome, not all of them related to engineering.

Engineering and Beyond

Mobility System Integration

We design unique solutions around your business case to ensure a smooth and safe operation of new smart mobility, with variety of products and integrated smart technologies

Video Management Solution

Video Surveillance solutions dedicated to different business scales to control access, reduce potential theft and implement an effective risk management system with variety of features.

Cyber Security

At LEHMER we equips teams with qualified experts proficient in the skills you need to help you achieve your technology vision and scale your ICT & Security Systems Solution.